Women Love Having Lots of Partners: Science Says Your Penis is Proof

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In my research for various blogs and articles, I read a lot of content about sex. Sexual fantasies, porn data, and human sexuality in general. What seems to be a recurring theme is that women love sex…. A LOT! This is in stark contrast to the more conservative or hard to get roles that women typically think of women as having. And when I say they think of sex a lot, I mean specifically, multiple partner sex. According to Tell Me What You Want, a book that details the largest in dept study of human fantasies, an astounding 92% of women have had fantasies of multi-partner sex or threesomes. Fantasizing, however, is a long way off from actually acting on it. That is where the human penis and science come into play

The Natural World Without Social Pressures

To understand that what women really desire, and are willing to act on, we need to look back before we had movies telling us what relationships should be. We need to look to a time before churches told us what was moral and immoral. We need to find that place before even human communication when we started to write and share our feelings. We need to look at things in terms of evolution.

Caveman gives us a glimpse of our sexual past

Evolution does not happen in just a few hundred or thousands of years. It happens over tens of thousands and millions of years. In those times, there was no modern communication. There were only cavemen holding sticks and grunting and pointing. Much like any other animal you see in nature, not acting based on self-imposed laws, but based on what came instinctively. There was no over-thinking back then.

The question is, if way back then, humans did not record what they were thinking, how do we know what they were thinking or what they did? Simple, we look at how we are now and try to figure out how we developed into the species that we are.

Natural Selection and The Big Penis

The idea of evolution is based on the concept of natural selection or survival of the fittest. What this boils down to is that if people lived in Africa and lions loved to eat people, every day your tribe would take off running. The lion would catch and eat the slowest person. The fastest people would live for another day and hopefully reproduce having more fast babies. Eventually, over a long time, the whole tribe would become faster.

Now I know you are thinking…. Get to the point. Tell me how any of this has to do with women and threesomes. Well to get to that we need to look first at men. Human men are unique in the fact that of all the primate species, they have the largest relative and absolute penis size. And more specifically, they have very large penis heads.

men have the largest penis size of any primate

It is not so much size of the penis that is the important part, but the size and shape of the penis head. The shape is tapered on the front side with a flat ridge on the back side.  This design is very similar to the designs that are used to create things like water pumps. Water flows over the tapered end and then trapped behind the ledge and then pulled out. The same thing happens with the penis head. Fluids flow up the tapered front side and become trapped behind the head and are pumped out continuously with every thrust.

the penis is a fluid pumping machine designed to remove competing sperm

In one study in Zurich, using fake vaginas and corn syrup to act as cum, a penis was thrust in and out and it acted as a pump to quickly empty the vagina of most of the cum.

So now back to the cavemen. If you were in Africa and there were no lions chasing you, the fast and the slow people in your tribe would survive and they would all reproduce and the tribe would not get faster over time. Likewise, if all women only mated with a single guy, all would produce babies no matter what the size or shape or their penis and humans would have evolved with just average penis sizes like all the other primates. 

But this is not what happened. Humans got bigger penises over time. So where is the “lion” that acted as a catalyst to spur this evolutionary change? This brings us back to the pumping action of the penis head. When a woman has sex with a man, her vagina is filled with sperm.  If she later has sex with a different man, the penis head acts like a pump. If the head of the penis is big enough it will pump out most all of the sperm left in her by the previous guy replacing it with his own. If the head of his penis is small, he will simply leave his sperm there with her other partners and it will come down to which swimmers are faster.

So any man with a big penis head has a far greater chance of reproducing just like the faster runner had a better chance of reproducing.

So we now know that women are instinctively basically just sluts. Evolution proves it. If they were not all sleeping with multiple partners, men of all penis sizes would have reproduced equally and we would not have evolved to be the species of primate with the largest penis.

Tie Them Up: Bondage and Dungeons

Bondage shackles on a dungeon wall

Well being TiedTight.com and all, here is the part where you would expect to see me say that the men simply tied women up with a grand assortment of dungeon gear and restrains, but no. Not today. No tying or bondage needed what so ever in this story. In fact, according to science and this theory, it is actually the women that seek out the extra men. On their own free will. As you will see below, women do love bondage, but that is not the reason they sleep with a lot of men. What a novel world that would be. A woman finish up with your buddy and then calls you up on the phone looking for more!

So now back to the science of it all.

After Sex: Men Sleep, Women Hunt

What happens after sex, is further evidence of the motivations of women. After ejaculation, men enter the refractory period. This is a period of hypersensitivity and even pain for some men. During this period men are incapable of having sex and pretty much of even being touched. This period can last from 15 minutes to 20 hours depending on the man. This is a very important process. While couples may be frustrated by this because they want to continue having sex, in an evolutionary sense, it is required. Immediately after ejaculating, men must stop the pumping action because they enter this refractory period. This prevents the man from using his own penis head to pump out his own sperm out of the woman’s vagina and leaves it there to fertilize the egg.

The refractory period leaves men tired and unable to have sex while women are often looking for more.
Refractory period… sleeping men, frustrated women.

Interestingly, women do not have this same refractory period. Some women experience sensitivity, but not a true refractory period like men. This allows women to be ready for sex again, potentially with a different partner, as soon as she is done.   This is also the source for a lot of frustration as women are often still in the mood and men quickly fall asleep.

So women can then moves onto a new partner and if the head of his penis is big enough to replace all the previous partner’s sperm, chances are greater that any baby produced will come from the genetics of the larger penis man.

So now we know that there is basically no way men would have evolved to have the largest penises of all the primates if the women did not sleep around a bit. But there is one more important point to consider.

Sperm is capable of reaching an egg and fertilizing it in as little as 30 minutes after having sex according to WebMD. While in some cases it can take days depending on the woman’s cycle. 

But 30 minutes is pretty fast. If sperm needs to be “pumped out” by future partners to get the evolutionary process we have seen.

Now consider that according to a study of 500 couples by Utrecht University in 2005, that the average time from insertion of the penis to ejaculation is 5.4 minutes. That does not include anything such as foreplay. So if this were all to work, this could leave as little as 25.6 minutes for the cavewoman to finish having sex, locate a new partner, seduce them and to start having sex with them. This seems to be an almost an impossible mission. Enter the orgy.

The fact is, the orgy or gang bang may not be something reserved for just pornography. It has been part of our history forever. Going back hundreds or thousands of years, there are countless examples of art depicting orgies from all cultures. There is photography from the early 1900’s, there are ancient painting from Asia, there are middle age stone sculptures all over Europe. While many of these are hidden by museums and the church because it goes against the self-imposed morals they teach, they can be found. For example, the 1859 painting “The Cursed Woman” featuring a woman with 3 men.

So back in the caveman days, if a woman had sex with a man and then several days later had sex with another man, each man would have had an equal chance of reproducing just based on luck and when their action fell within the woman’s fertility cycle. In order to increase the odds that only the larger penis reproduced and passed on the genes, the woman had to have sex with multiple men in as little as 20 minutes or less.

So basically, cavewoman would need multiple partners at once or in rapid succession. It may have been completely natural to take on all the men in the cave at the same time with the man with the largest head being the ultimate victory and fertilizing the woman’s egg and passing on the big head gene.

Victims of Circumstance or Sex Prowlers?

So now that we have established that cavewomen must have had a lot of sex, and possibly a lot of gang bangs, how do we know that they were not just victims in all of this. Well, it is possible, but just like most people are good, there are some bad people, we can speculate that most women were probably willing and some may have been victims. Besides, we are talking about a time tens of thousands of years ago before modern thoughts and society. The idea of predator and victim within a species is uniquely human. So how can we know what they were thinking or what they really wanted and not just what happened? We can look at studies of what women think today.

So for the quick anecdotal evidence, just look at your Facebook and see how many of your girlfriends that are currently in relationships are still posting pictures of firefighters, farmers, military men, etc. often with their shirts off. Ask yourself honestly how often you think about sex and what your fantasies are or how often you give a hot guy a double look walking down the street. Then consider these studies of modern women.

Women search for rough and group sex on porn sites

According to PornHub, one of the largest porn sites on the Internet, when women search for porn in the comfort and privacy of their own home, you find some interesting facts.  Among the top 15 searches performed by women you find “Threesome”, “Gang Bang”, “Rough Sex” and “Bondage”. Of those same searches, only one of them shows up in the top searches by men with “threesome” coming in at number 15. Additionally, this user study shows that women are 90% more likely than men to watch videos categorized as “rough sex” compared to men, 83% more likely to watch videos labeled “double penetration”, 80% more likely for the “gang bang” videos, 77% more likely for “bondage” movies, 75% more likely to view “threesome” clips, and 34% more likely to view those categorized as “orgy”. So when women search anonymously online, they are far more likely than men to search for every type of multiple partner sex.

A lot of this multi-partner and being dominated comes from women’s desire to be desired.  Studies such as this one illustrate the fantasies women have about driving men crazy,  having the power to make men act out of character or the fantasies of just completely letting go. 

Women Feel Pressured and Conflicted By Social Pressures

According to an article in Psychology Today, women thought about sex a median of 9.9 times per day and an average of 18.6 times per day which was not statistically different than the number of times that they thought about food or sleep. So even from this crude study, it is clear that women desire a lot of sex. The study did indicate women thought about sex less often than men, but there is some interesting data to go along with that.

women thought about sex a median of 9.9 times per day and an average of 18.6 times per day which was not statistically different than the number of times that they thought about food or sleep

The whole premise of this article started out stating that women had a lot more sex partners and maybe gang bangs before modern social pressures, movies, church teachings, etc. and this can be seen in the Psychology Today article. The article rated women by giving them a social desirability score reflecting how important it was for them to viewed positively by society. Interestingly, the more women wanted to look good by society’s standards, the less they thought of food or sex. Eating too much and having too much sex are both things that have negative stereotypes in society. So women that most desire to be viewed positively by society thought of sex and food less. This may reflect a reluctance even within themselves to admit that they are having thoughts that are perceived to have negative opinions in society.

Oddly, these same women that worry most about the perception of them, did not show a difference in the number of times they thought about sleep, but that also has no negative stereotypes in our society.

These studies and many more, give us a glimpse into the world of what women want and like. There is a very big difference between the biological instincts of humans and what they are taught is acceptable by society’s standard. A lot of the world’s problems can be attributed to this conflict between instinct and society. A lot of cheating and lying, for example, comes from the biological instinct to have lots of sex and the conflict with a society where women are supposed to be monogamous or not be an ‘easy girl’. This leads people to hide it and cheat.

Maybe we can learn a lot from these ancient ancestors. We live in a world of church imposed morals, cheating, lying, lusting and pornography. There is a big conflict within all of us between how we are taught humans should behave and the biology that has existed in us for thousands of years.  If we all started following our instincts rather than self-imposed morals, maybe we would all be a lot happier. And have even bigger penises in the centuries to come.

Live happy and gang bang on!

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