The Sex Bench

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Before diving into the great things you can do with a sex bench, it is important to talk about what a sex bench is. The dungeon furniture market is a bit fragmented and not everyone follows a common naming convention and this leads to some confusion. There are 2 distinct pieces of furniture that people refer to as a sex bench. The first, at Tied Tight we call the sex bench and it looks a lot like a bench. Something you would sit on to put your shoes on. The second is something we call a spanking bench. A spanking bench is something that someone would lay face down on with their ass in the air for spanking.



A great first piece of sex furniture

The sex bench as a great piece of furniture especially for those just starting their dungeon because it is “easy to hide”

One of the challenges most people face with any type of dungeon furniture is how to hide it. People are always worried about the inlaws of the kids. So a lot of furniture comes down to if you have a dedicated room to store it or it can be easily hidden. The great thing about the sex bench is there is no reason to even hide it. You can just leave it at the foot end of your bed and it looks just like a bench. Problem solved.

Sex Bench Design

A sex bench is a fairly standard bench design, but it is narrow at only about 11 -12 inches wide and a short height typically under 14 inches tall. If someone were to see this sitting at the end of your bed they would think nothing of it, but if you sat down on it to tie your shoes you would find it a little low and narrow compared to a normal bench.

This is because these benches are meant to be straddled by women. If a man was laying on top of the bench and a woman were to straddle him she would find the height more comfortable like a standard bench.

Sometimes these sex benches have tie points for bondage play, but it is also not really needed since you can tie someone to it by just wrapping straps all the way around them and the bench.

Sex Bench Positions

We have all seen this meme online by now….

Guys love it, girls dread it. The sex bench can help make it happen more often.

So lets bring in our dolls Kevin and Coutrney to see how this works.

sex bench for squatting

Check that out – no knee blow outs, great range or motion. Great visuals for him and her. Can we say ORGASMS!

Reverse Cowgirl – She can also turn it around.

sex bench reverse cowgirl

Sexy Variation – A great variation of this is to use a narrow mirrow like a dressing mirrow for the back of a door, you can pick these up for a few bucks. Put that on the bench and then grab a suction cup dildo. This makes a great visual. Maybe even someone behind her for some DP? There are lots of options for this and it is hot every time because it gives such great lines of sight.

Foreplay – Courtney is also a good girl. She understands that when bounding up and down agressively, if you want to avoid a broke dick or slipping out on every bounce, that it is important to be completely ready to do. So The sex bench also provides a great position for blow jobs. Now Guys – When she is helping you out, do your part and buy her some knee pads when you buy the bench. If her the floor hurts her knees, you will only get one blow job. If you make it as easy for her as possible, think weekly.

blow job on the sex bench

Bondage Play – Last but not least, you can use your sex bench for some bondage play. Because of the squatting positions and such, this usually works best for FemDom play. If you want to tie up your woman, something like a bondage table or spanking bench would be better because of the extra height and you can remain standing.

bondage with the sex bench


If you are just starting your dungeon or have a limited budget, this would be a great option. Some dungeon furniture can run up into the thousands of dollars but with simple designs the sex bench can be added to your collection for starting around $300 including delivery.


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