Collars: Control Starts Here

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In the world of domination and submission there are a lot of tools at your disposal from a simple rope to elaborate dungeon gear, but possible the most important part piece is the collar. To many on the outside, this may seem odd because your first throught is always something like handcuffs, but to dominates and submissives, the collar is roughly the equivelant to a wedding ring. It is a show of possession and power.

Submissives and Collars

The collar is unique among bdsm toys. Most toys have very defined functions. A collar however is just as important symbolically as it is practical. Sub collar is good.

Public Collars and Play Collars

There are two general types of collars and most collars fit withing either the category of public collars or play collars. Some collars will fit in both.

Public Collars

For a Submissives and Dominates, the rolls do not just disappear when they leave their house, the persist in everything they do. Being dominate or submissive is who they are and who they like to be. But just because they living these rolls does not mean that every in the world needs to be aware of all of the details of their relationship. This is where public collars are useful.

A public collar much like the play collar symbolizes the power dynamic of the relationship, but it is much more subtle. These collars are much more small or informal and often can be viewed as a fashion statement or even jewelry. Much like a wedding ring signifies that you are partnered with someone, these collars tell the world that someone is a submissive and they have a dominate. Often people may not even recognize that someone is infact wearing a collar and mistake it for fashion.

In public however, other dominates will see these collars and should respect that the submissive is taken. This is

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