11 Places To Tie Up Your Partner

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You are ready to get a little freaky and try some bondage. You have learned all about communication and safe words and consent, and not it is time to tie someone up. Do you just buy a set of handcuffs? Do you use a necktie and tie them to a bed headboard as made popular in every stereotypical sex scene in movies?

At Tied Tight we like to think of bondage restraints in 2 parts, cuffs and what you actually tying someone to. In most cases, these are sold separately as well. This gives you far more options to find cuffs you like or that match your style and a lot more things you can do with them.


Cuffs come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes to fit your style and various body parts. This is all covered in our cuffs article but in general look for cuffs that are not attached to something or each other. If cuffs are attached to each other or a spreader bar, for example, they become single-use items and you must purchase more cuffs if you want to do something else. Often these types of items seem cheaper at first, but once you see they are often lower quality and you keep getting more and more cuffs every time you want to change positions, you will see it is not the best option.

Getting Down To Business

Now that you got yourself some cuffs and a willing partner, where are you actually going to tie them up? Everyone is different, but there seem to be a few types of people, those that like to just mess around with a little light bondage, those that have partners who like feeling very exposed, and those that love domination and positions.

Light Bondage and Safe Bedroom Play

If you are a little unsure how freaky you want to get, a lot of people feel the most comfortable in their bed or maybe not really tied in a very exposed matter.

Double Snap Hooks

There is nothing special about the double bolt snap hook. This is just like a double-sided dog leash clicker and it works to just attach 2 cuffs to themselves. This makes them function like ordinary handcuffs. If you have a girl that is a little timid to play around with bondage, this is the place to start. Her hands are tied together, but she is not tied to anything and can freely move around if she wants.

double bolt snap

Bed Restraint Ties

Bed restraints are just a little step up and designed to hold someone to the bed. These are usually not too intimidating because most people find comfort in their bed, so this is low risk.

woman tied with bed restraints

Quick Ties

Quick ties are just a webbing loop with bolt snaps. This can be added quickly to a chair or bedpost to add an attachment point for cuffs. This can be of course done with just rope, but the quick ties just give a little bit of convenience and a quick release compared to tying real knots.

quick release bondage tie points

Your Partner wants to feel exposed?

If your partner is one of those that would be turned on by being tied up naked and exposed in the middle of a room, these could be some great options to check out.

Spreader Bars

Over the door Mounts

St Andrews Cross

The Rack

Rope Suspension

Dungeon And Position Furniture

Spanking Benches

Bondage Tables



The Sex Bench