Restraint and Cuff Sizing

Sizing restraints should be a fairly straight forward process, but from time to time, issues do arise. To help minimize sizing issues, we recommend measuring your sub for a proper fit. When measuring, please remember that when you measure with a tape measure or a string, it is very narrow. Cuffs and collars can be very wide and this will cause some issues with the way it fits.

Measuring for Cuffs

Cuffs come in varying widths, but a lot of cuffs and collars are about 2 inches wide. The best way to measure this is to use a standard piece of paper folded in half twice lengthwise.

Use the paper to measure the body part you are buying cuffs for and then measure the paper. This will ensure that the cuff or collar will fit the widest parts of your body.

Each cuff and collar comes with sizing recommendations, however, remember that each cuff and collar is custom made and may vary slightly as well bodies change over time, so always try to select a cuff size that is closes to the middle of the adjustment range.